Founded in 2019, Clon' has developed and refined itself to the most unique and aesthetic women apparel in Asia market. In 2020, we start our online store and aim to promote our aestheticism to all over the world. 


By creating individual pieces rather than collections, Clon's seeks to provide those special items we felt were missing from our own wardrobes and put them in to yours.


We focus on items that tell a strong story through its texture, pattern, cutting, or say, the style. Whether it's the intricacies within the construction or the boundary-pushing ideas that are displayed through creative direction. We source materials from different countries, mainly Asian Countries. ( over 90% from Japan, Korea, Indian, China, and Hong Kong.) Clon's uses a few eco-friendly materials including organic and recycled cotton and polyester, minimises off-cuts in parts of its manufacturing process and has a waste and water reduction strategy in place in most of its supply chain. We hire both female and male workers, obviously. Then most parts and materials will be manufactured in Hong Kong and Sheng Zheng, China. We can guarantee our factories are ethical and we are receiving sufficient wages. This is protected and enforced by the law of Hong Kong and China. Thus we are confidence in stating that we only work with suppliers and factories that are long established and adapting the new environmental standard, and Clon's are planet-friendly, and people-friendly. Feel worry-free to shop with us <3!


At the heart of Clon's are our valued customers. Everything we do, from creating engaging and inspirational content through our gripping editorials, to traveling the world in the search for new and exciting products, to partnering with FedEx that ensures orders arrive to you in a timely manner, is for you.


In the year of 2022, we start a brand new line: The Rebellious Orientalist's Spirit. We certainly are proud of our oriental seed and aesthetics brought by the traditional cuts and details, and we deconstruct the mysterious oriental traditional culture via original modern costume design. One can see our endeavour to bring western and oriental fashion into one, harmoniously. One can see we interpret the aesthetic of both western and oriental sides in one language, that is in our pieces. Bringing the western boldness into our seductive oriental cuts, or shall we say, merging the unseen beauty aroused by oriental designs on bold westerners, who are willing to step out of the west/east boundary, BOOM, we assure you, the neo-orientalist aesthetic in a brand new dimension will be unveiled, on you, westerner or orientalist regardlessly.


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service should there be questions, concerns, observations or even styling tips.